School Life


We have three cafeterias that offer options to suit different tastes. All the cafeterias comply with good hygienic food standards with dining areas that are clean and well ventilated. Each outlet serves you wholesome, healthy, and hygienic meals.

The cafeterias are regularly monitored by our Quality Control Team (QCT) to ensure that the food served in the cafeterias is fresh and healthy

We make sure that:

  • ● Premium quality ingredients are used
  • ● Quality standards of hygiene and sanitation are maintained
  • ● Clean drinking water and a limited number of healthy beverages are provided


Water treatment plant

We have a reverse osmosis water treatment plant within the premises to ensure our students have access to clean drinking water at all times.


Curricular Activities (CA)

LASS provides ample opportunities for students to develop skills and exhibit their academic abilities. CCA complements the curricular activities and grooms the students in the “art of living and working together.”

The activities available at the moment are:

  • ● Quiz Contests
  • ● Debates and Declamation Competitions
  • ● Art Competition
  • ● Arts and Crafts Exhibitions
  • ● Science Exhibitions
  • ● Maths Exhibitions
  • ● Parent’s Day and Cultural Program
  • ● Spelling Bee Competitions
  • ● Computer Quizzes
  • ● Creative Writing Competitions
  • ● Literary Competitions
  • ● ‘Momento’ platform for budding writers


Extra-curricular Activities (ECA)

Students at LASS are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports and games in order to enhance social ethos, enjoyment, trust, and respect. In addition, it gives the necessary break from the everyday monotonous life.

Inter-School Competitions

Lawn Tennis Championship

Performance Poetry Competition

Swimming Championship

Counseling Desk

Counseling is an integral component of the school’s mission focusing on our students’ social, mental and emotional development and academic success. The school counselor advocates for every child’s academic, personal, and social success and continuous improvement. Individual and group counseling help students resolve personal or interpersonal problems.

The counselor plays a pivotal role to:

● Resolve psychological and social issues in the growing age
● Emotional and mental health support
● Mediate conflicts with their peers, teachers, or parents
● Improve moral attitudes, study habits, and time management
● Identify interests, strengths, and aptitudes through assessment

Excellent Teaching Faculty

The learner-centered approach is the cornerstone that guides Little Angels’ Secondary School. Our teachers are well qualified and are equipped with academic qualifications, expertise, and experience to nurture our students. Our teachers at LASS combine inspirational and innovative teaching methods that actively encourage students to participate in every class to enrich the teaching and learning in an environment.

The excellent team of teachers at LASS promise to:

● Motivate students not only to learn but also teach them how to learn and execute.
● Bridge the gap between theory and practice.
● Recognize the uniqueness of students and class.
● Encourage students to excel and develop skills.
● Nurture and develop minds and talents.

Corporate Social Responsibility

LA believes in giving back to the public from which it received so much trust and adoration. Its Corporate Social Responsibility is, therefore, more than just about spending money. It is about being able to see a bigger picture and of envisioning a progressive, culture and civic society. Various programs are conducted regularly to ensure that students fulfill certain designated hours of social work and develop into well-rounded, socially skilled, and healthy citizens. Time management, leadership skills, critical thinking, teamwork, and social skills are developed and promote a deep sense of commitment.

Some of the CSR activities are:

● Social Service Initiative
● Bagmati Cleaning Campaign
● Preservation of Heritage Sites
● Fundraising for various causes
● Educating underprivileged children
● Collection and distribution of stationery
● Building habitat for earthquake victims
● Fundraising for under-privileged children in community schools

Higher Studies Counseling

Applying to higher education abroad is a crucial decision. Leading international educationists and consultancies are regularly invited to interact with students to help them with career choices that are intelligent and contribute to academic and professional growth.

• Experienced counselors
• Expert SAT, TOEFL/IELTS guidance,
• Workshops and seminars by universities (US, Australia, UK, Japan),
• Complete supervision of the application process

Life Skills

We create ideal leaders and citizens of the nation. LASS takes a holistic approach where all-round growth and total personality development are emphasized. Wide range of activities and events are organized at regular intervals to boost confidence, creativity, responsibility, and involvement. Motivating and helping students develop a sense of keen leadership, encouraging and imbibing the spirit of teamwork, and the challenges of goal setting -such significant skills are lovingly nurtured by our team.

● A wide range of activities to boost confidence, creativity, responsibility, and involvement
● Cooking, cycling, music, dance, yoga, drama & debating, radio DJ
● Workshops on skills developments: First Aid, Cooking, flower arrangement etc.
● Leadership and Independence skills
● Participation in the Student Council that manages all the ECA & Club activities
● Students are given the choice of setting up clubs
● Internship opportunities

For Faculty and Staff