LA has a vibrant cultural center offering exciting events, concerts, films, theatre, and musical performances. Students are encouraged to express themselves through various art forms; dance, drama, singing, elocution, talent competitions, and much more.


LA has a well-equipped spacious library that currently has an impressive updated collection of books from all genres. From academic research to classic novels, inspiring autobiographies on great personas and great lives, there is something to grab the interest of every student. Our E-Library can be used for research projects concerning all streams including science, management, social sciences, literature, and languages.

School Infirmary

LASS offers primary medical care to all our students. We have a well-equipped infirmary and sick room on the premises. Easy accessibility and proximity to major and reliable hospitals as well as standby vehicles for emergencies are features that make it a safe haven. Qualified health professionals are ever-present to promote a healthy and safe environment.

Sports Facilities

Education in LASS is incomplete without sports. Our students have won national and international acclaim in various sporting events. We make sure that none of the students miss out on the wide-ranging sports facilities and the plethora of activities and events.

Computer Labs

LASS has exceptional computer labs that facilitate our students’ development and studies. The constantly updated curriculum and Wi-Fi facilities create a perfect learning environment.

Science Lab

Laboratory experiences are essential for Science students. LASS has well-equipped labs that meet the requirements of our students based on their academic needs.


LASS provides transportation facilities for students who commute to the school every day. The numerous school buses go around the ring road that encircles the city and also reaches every major street in the city. Students can also have their guardians drop them to school. Those who have their own vehicles can come on their own, provided they are old enough to ride/drive and have a valid driver’s license.

For Faculty and Staff