Why Choose Little Angels' Day Boarding


Provide students with deep subject knowledge and conceptual understanding to make them confident and master the subject.


Platform to learn, grow, and discover talents through interactive learning that encourages students to learn by doing


The students are continuously assessed to measure the effectiveness of classroom learning and teaching.


Our curriculum has been approved by the Nepal government as well as Cambridge University.


Balanced learning

Our curriculum is a perfect blend of curricular and extracurricular activities. We focus on the overall development of our students and believe students need academic as well as life skills to excel in life.


Our transportation facilities are safe and comfortable and are available for all students. The buses operate throughout Kathmandu Valley

Small class size

We have a small class size to give individual attention to our students and to make learning interactive and fun.

Trained teachers

Our teachers are the most motivated and energetic teachers with a genuine love for children. They are highly trained and qualified teachers who are committed to continuous improvement.

Healthy meal

We make sure our students’ dietary needs are met with a healthy and nutritious balanced diet. The lunch and snacks we provide are well planned, delicious and healthy.

The cafeteria is regularly monitored by our Quality Control Team (QCT) to ensure that the food served in the cafeterias is fresh and healthy.We make sure that:

  • a. Premium quality ingredients are used
  • b. Quality standards of hygiene and sanitation are maintained
  • c. Clean drinking water and a limited number of healthy beverages are provided