School Life

Activities (CA)

LAS Dayboarding provides ample opportunities for students to develop skills and exhibit their abilities. The CCA complements the curricula and nurtures the students’ potential.

The activities available at the moment are:

  • ● General Knowledge Quizzes
  • ● Debates and Declamation Competitions
  • ● Art and Poster Competitions
  • ● Science Exhibitions
  • ● Parent’s Day and Cultural Program
  • ● Spelling Bee Competitions
  • ● Project Works
  • ● Creative Writing Competitions
  • ● Fund Raising & Charity Events

Curricular Activities (CA)

We take great care in offering a wide range of school activities and extracurricular clubs such as music, sports, storytelling, dance, art, science projects, and much more.

Performance Arts

The performing arts not only provide opportunities for students to develop creative passions but also teach communication, language and leadership in unique ways that inspire individualism.

The Performance Arts available at the moment are:

  • ● Arts and Drawing
  • ● Music (Instrumental and Vocal)
  • ● Dance Competition
  • ● Singing Competitions
  • ● Talent Show/Hunt
  • ● Poetry Recitation

Counseling Desk

Counseling is an integral component of the school’s mission focusing on our students’ social, mental and emotional development and academic success. The school counselor advocates for every child’s academic, personal, and social success and continuous improvement. Individual and group counseling help students resolve personal or interpersonal problems.

The counselor plays a pivotal role to:

  • Resolve psychological and social issues in the growing age
  • Emotional and mental health support
  • Mediate conflicts with their peers, teachers, or parents
  • Improve moral attitudes, study habits, and time management
  • Identify interests, strengths, and aptitudes through assessment

Feedback and Communication

Feedback on our students’ performance and two-way communication with our parents/ gaurdians is an essesntial process in LAS that we value. Class in-charges and class teachers reach out to our parents/ gaurdians as and when required.


LAS provides transportation facilities for students who commute to the school every day. The numerous school buses go around the ring road that encircles the city and also reaches every major street in the city.Students can also have their guardians drop them to school.

Publishing house

We have our own Publishing house, Millennium Publications that supports the curricular as well as co-curricular needs and requirements of our students and the school as a whole.