LAS Day Boarding

With an aim to provide comprehensive learning, focusing on the all-round development of the child and also to meet the needs of busy working parents, Day Boarding was introduced. Extended hours at school in a caring atmosphere where equal attention is paid to physical, emotional, and intellectual development.
Timing: 9 am to 5 pm
Learning by Doing
A platform to learn, grow, achieve and discover talents through interactive learning that will engage children in creative activities.
Small Size Classroom
Small class sizes lead to one-on-one attention from the teacher, children get to know each other better and learning is interactive and fun.
Music Dance & Sports Clubs
Good health, fitness, and creativity are all important parts of the curriculum so that it broadens their range of experiences and interests. We take great care in offering a varied and wide range of after-school clubs which range from music, sports, dance to art and science projects.
Healthy Meal
A healthy, well-planned and balanced food choice encourages healthy habits. The lunch and snack menu not only provide a variety of choices but offers child-friendly, delicious meal that makes every day enjoyable and every meal tasty.
We provide safe, comfortable, and efficient transportation services to our children. The transportation facilities are applicable to all students and the buses operate throughout Kathmandu Valley.
Caring, Trained and Experienced Teachers
In class or at play, the children are with the most motivated, enthusiastic, energetic teachers with a genuine love for children. Highly trained qualified teachers give the best attention and education possible.

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