Activities beyond the curriculum form an integral part of the student life in LAS and help students reach their highest potential. There are sports and performance art clubs.
‘The Bud’ offers a platform for budding writers while Student Quality Circle (SQC), Scouts and Guides focus on leadership and personality development. Indoor sports activities, martial arts demonstrations, quizzes, spelling and debate competitions, exhibitions, welcome & farewell parties, parents’ day, project works, fundraising, awareness campaigns, creative writing competitions are hosted frequently.
Students at LAS are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports and games in order to enhance social ethos, enjoyment, trust, and respect. In addition, it gives the necessary break from the everyday monotonous life. The sports that are available at present are:
● Football
● Basketball
● Volleyball
● Table Tennis
● Lawn Tennis
● Cricket
● Martial Arts
● Swimming (only in summer)
● Gymnasium
Apart from these regular sports activities, the school hosts inter-school Lawn Tennis and Swimming Championship every year.
LAS provides ample opportunities to develop particular skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities. They complement the curricular activities and groom the students in the “Art of living and working together.” They are the true and practical experiences gained by students through their learning. The CCA activities available at the moment are:
● General Knowledge Quizzes
● Debates and Declamation Competitions
● Art and Poster Competitions
● Science Exhibitions
● Parent’s Day and Cultural Program
● Project Works
● Spelling Bee Competitions
● Fund Raising & Charity Events
● Creative Writing Competitions
Performance Arts
The performing arts not only provide opportunities for students to develop creative passions but also teach communication, language and leadership in unique ways that inspire individualism. The Performance Arts available at the moment are:
● Arts and Drawing
● Music (Instrumental and Vocal)
● Dance Competition
● Singing Competitions
● Talent Show/Hunt
● Poetry Recitation

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