Residential life in LA is an idyllic life amidst the most beautiful scenic, serene location and wide-ranging facilities to ensure limitless comfort and ease. At LA, you will participate in vibrant, versatile community life, the spell of time you spend here in a warm and caring environment gives you the feeling of, “A home away from home.” LA’s Residential life enhances all-around growth by creating a safe and inclusive environment.
● Separate hostels for boys and girls under the supervision of Hostel Wardens and in-charges.
● Excellent dining facilities.
● Nutritious food, hygienic cooking conditions, a water treatment plant.
● Extra tutoring and help from in-house faculty as well as senior students.
● Easy and frequent access to all the comprehensive sporting facilities.
● Regular outings and excursions, extracurricular activities, student-organized activities, cultural programs, and musical concerts.
● Round-the-clock high security.

Hygienic and Nutritious Meal
We provide hygienic and nutritious meals to the students four times a day in which the main meal is given two times and the other two are breakfast and snacks. The main meal includes Nepali Thali with seasonal vegetables whereas fresh confectioneries baked in our in-house bakery are served during breakfast and snacks. Meat is served twice a week while paneer and curd are served for the vegetarians. In addition, eggs and seasonal fruits are served every week. Grand dinners are offered on special occasions and traditional style food is served during festivals. The school ensures that the food and beverages are wholesome, nutritious, and healthy.
We provide standard lodging facilities in accordance with age groups and gender to the students who require hostel facilities. The dormitories are neat, tidy, and well-ventilated. Every hostel is accompanied by a Hostel In charge and well-trained housekeeping staff to ensure comfort and well-being and also a high level of academic performance in all students. Scenic surroundings, wide-ranging facilities, and vibrant community life make residential life at LAS a home away from home.
School Infirmary
The school has an infirmary and round-the-clock health professionals in order to provide 24-hour first-aid health service to the students and employees. There is an in-house doctor for timely health checkups to ensure quality health care.
Regular Coaching Classes
Regular coaching classes are conducted for the boarders with the respective subject teachers. Well-supervised and monitored coaching classes ensure academic excellence. Apart from the coaching classes, students are expected to spend extra hours studying, doing their assignments, and conducting research projects. The coaching classes follow a strict regimen of rules and rigorous schedules.
Intensive Care Classes
We provide intensive care classes to students who require extra attention during school holidays in order to improve their academic performance.
Personality Development Activities
We encourage socialization regularly for the personal development of our students. It covers activities that promote holistic all-around growth and fosters high moral values. These activities are conducted through various inclusive approaches and techniques in an ideal environment.
Recreation is a vital part of the overall development of our students. Keeping this in mind, we provide various activities that engage the young minds in wide-ranging activities that involve different clubs, cultural programs, excursions, weekend hikes, and picnics.
We offer an array of different clubs that cater to different interests Football, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Cricket, Martial Arts, Swimming, Scout, Gymnasium, Dance, Music, and Drama for the physical, cognitive and social growth of students.
Convenience Store
A convenience store is available for students to easily buy essential items, toiletries, and stationery within the LAS premises.
Sporting facilities
Education in LAS is incomplete without sports. Sports enhance confidence, self-esteem and empower students. Our students have won national and international acclaim in various sporting events. We make sure that none of the students miss out on the wide-ranging sports facilities and the plethora of activities and events. The nation’s most wide-ranging sports and recreation complex with premium facilities is one of the most important aspects of LAS.
Various facilities:
● Football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and swimming pool with lifeguards
● Provisions for indoor sports activities such as badminton, table tennis, and martial arts
● Internationally and nationally acclaimed coaches, instructors in various disciplines







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