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School Life


We have three cafeterias that offer options to suit different tastes. All the cafeterias comply with good hygienic food standards with dining areas that are clean and well ventilated. Each outlet serves you wholesome, healthy, and hygienic meals.

The cafeterias are regularly monitored by our Quality Control Team (QCT) to ensure that the food served in the cafeterias is fresh and healthy

We make sure that:

  • ● Premium quality ingredients are used
  • ● Quality standards of hygiene and sanitation are maintained
  • ● Clean drinking water and a limited number of healthy beverages are provided

Activities (CA)

LASS provides ample opportunities for students to develop skills and exhibit their academic abilities. CCA complements the curricular activities and grooms the students in the “art of living and working together.”

The activities available at the moment are:

  • ● General Knowledge Quizzes
  • ● Debates and Declamation Competitions
  • ● Art and Poster Competitions
  • ● Science Exhibitions
  • ● Parent’s Day and Cultural Program
  • ● Spelling Bee Competitions
  • ● Project Works
  • ● Creative Writing Competitions
  • ● Fund Raising & Charity Events

Curricular Activities (CA)

Students at LAS are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports and games in order to enhance social ethos, enjoyment, trust, and respect. In addition, it gives the necessary break from the everyday monotonous life.

Performance Arts

The performing arts not only provide opportunities for students to develop creative passions but also teach communication, language and leadership in unique ways that inspire individualism.

The Performance Arts available at the moment are:

  • ● Arts and Drawing
  • ● Music (Instrumental and Vocal)
  • ● Dance Competition
  • ● Singing Competitions
  • ● Talent Show/Hunt
  • ● Poetry Recitation

Counseling Desk

Counseling is an integral component of the school’s mission focusing on our students’ social, mental and emotional development and academic success. The school counselor advocates for every child’s academic, personal, and social success and continuous improvement. Individual and group counseling help students resolve personal or interpersonal problems.

The counselor plays a pivotal role to:

  • ● Resolve psychological and social issues in the growing age
  • ● Emotional and mental health support
  • ● Mediate conflicts with their peers, teachers, or parents
  • ● Improve moral attitudes, study habits, and time management
  • ● Identify interests, strengths, and aptitudes through assessment

Excellent Teaching Faculty

Outstanding teaching delivers outstanding students. The learner-centered approach is the cornerstone that guides Little Angels’ School. Our teachers are well qualified and are equipped with academic qualifications, expertise, and experience of our teachers are our major strengths to nurture our students. Our teachers at LAS combine inspirational and innovative teaching methods that actively encourage students to participate in every class to enrich the teaching and learning in an environment.

The excellent team of teachers at LAS promise to:

  • ● Motivate students not only to learn but teach them how to learn and execute.
  • ● Bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  • ● Celebrate the uniqueness of students and class.
  • ● Encourage students to excel and develop skills.
  • ● Nurture and develop minds and talents.

A Caring Environment

A caring, supportive school environment influences the academic success of students. LAS has a caring school community that is conducive to academic success. We take pride in offering an environment that encourages and nurtures students’ learning and growth, social, emotional, and ethical development.

A strong sense of community and a caring school climate ensures that there is:

  • ● Student engagement
  • ● A deep sense of belonging
  • ● Development of the students' social skills, understanding, and care as they contribute to the school and the community
  • ● High levels of achievement and excellent performance

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