Umesh Shrestha and Bidya Limbu, Founders/Principals
When Little Students started 32 years ago, we were a small school with 65 students. However, we were never a school with a small vision. In fact we always dreamt big and worked hard- something that we expect from our students, too.
Our hard work has paid off. Today, we are amongst Nepal’s biggest schools with amazing infrastructure in a quieter, greener area outside of Ring Road. We provide facilities at the school that are at par with the best schools in not just the country but in Asia with sporting facilities, Wi-Fi connectivity, a huge library, residential services, two cafaterias and an event calendar that ensures overall growth.
Our students have taken advantage of these facilities and have delivered on our promise of becoming outstanding citizens. The results they bring every year are proof of LA’s success rate. Our faculty of experienced teachers get the credit for much of this.
With the goal to develop into a university and with our sights set on all of Nepal, we welcome you to be a part of Little Angels School, a part of history in the making.

Phatteh Bahadur Limbu, Lt. General (retired), Chairman
I want to extend my warmest greetings and welcome to you to Little Angels School (LAS). From its inception in 1981, LAS has always been committed towards the total personality development of its students. It has, thus, established a history and tradition in the field of quality education by the legacy of its founders, teachers, staff, and students.
Over a span of three decades LAS has shown its proven records in both curricular and extracurricular fields. Housed itself in a very serene natural setting away from the city hub at Hattiban in Lalitpur district, LAS offers a special ambiance of the largest private educational institution where teachers and staff take a personal interest in you, where you are known and appreciated by the entire community.
The following pages will give you a glance of what LAS can offer you which are in par with the best educational institutions run not only in this country but also in other developing countries. Needless to say, LAS gives priority to all the curricular activities and its students excel in the nationally conducted examinations. It also offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities to enable the students to participate in the national and international competitions.
The school has a primary wing at Ekantakuna which is accessible to the people who live nearby. The main Hattiban campus not only offers education up to high school but also beyond post-secondary levels. As a part of its extension LAS System runs higher secondary classes in science and commerce streams and BBA and BBIS affiliated to Kathmandu University. Thus, LAS ensures you to complete your educational destinations once you get enrolled in this institution.
The state-of-the art classrooms, labs, and modern equipment will make you feel comfortable to learn and grow. Here you will definitely discover what you have to offer to the world as well as what the world offers and needs of you. I am, thus sure that LAS will change your life. I can assure you that if you have made LAS your first choice, you have chosen the best for your future. We are committed to your success.

Shristi Limbu, Corporate Director
The LA school, as one of the largest educational institutes in the country, is absolutely rich in history, excellence in academics and leadership.  We have been extraordinary in providing education from kindergarten to bachelors. Continuously striving to meet the growing demands of modern day market, we hold firm in its tradition and remain firmly focused on the future of our students. After three strong decades, we still tireless work on our reputation as outstanding achievers in the educational field, performing our personal best.
We are committed to the continuous improvement of the schools’ facilities and equipment to deliver academic excellence. We believe that the role of the student is not just to pursue academics but also, to pursue life long learning and become productive members of global society.

Rajesh Shrestha, Vice Principal
I welcome you to Little Angels School, an established name and very much a world class institution. Together we create a bright, prosperous future for Nepal and the Nepalese people.
LA School is a world class institution for many reasons, not the least of which are its great physcial features, great tracks records in everything from education to sports and every kind of extra curricular activities. We have always have had the best results in every examination.
Our team of experienced teachers are the best in the business, taking it upon themselves to not just teach lessons but groom the students into bright, inquisitive minds. The facilities provided along with the infrastructure make this possible and make learning a pleasure at LA. We also have residential facilities for out of valley students and transport services for local students.
The care provided to the students is the number one reason, however, for you to join LA. From developing students’ education to the way they think, LA does its best to shape the future of Nepal.

Mukunda Sharma, Principal 
LA school is called the best for many reasons. Let me tell you about them to help make up your mind on deciding to be a part of the LA family.
LA’s academic qualities, through years of great results and job placements are proven to the public. We also have great co-curricular activities such as debate and literature events as well as extra curricular activities such as sporting activities. In all of this, we have a consistency that is the backbone of LA’s formula for success.
Additionally, our infrastructure and ambience for education is Nepal’s best. Students from all 75 districts study here, making it a microcosm of the country and providinga cross cultural experience for the students. Students learn to accept each other’s differences and thrive on healthy competition amongst themselves. We even have students affected by the conflict who have recuperated here. Once they do well amongst hundreds like them here, their confidence is built and they get well on their way to success in life.
An experience such as this provides one with multiple options and opportunities. Come be a part of LA and make use of these opportunities.