Guiding Principles

Setting high standards

Little Angels' School is guided by a set of core values in its day to day activities and long-term development.


Our Vision

To develop, quality education at an affordable price and expand an educational world that embraces heterogeneous community.

Our Mission

To develop, strengthen and deliver innovative education that encourages cognitive, social, physical and emotional development of each individual in an environment that equips the student with skills to meet future challenges.

Our Commitment

To set high standards excellence and create opportunity of learning to inspire creativity, inventiveness, explores the inherent potential of students to develop worthy citizens of high ethical standards and leadership.  

Our Approach

A balanced and updated student centered approach that uses innovative learning practices to inspire a proactive academic and humane experience, blending the best of traditional values and modern development.

Program Approach

Teachers assess the students’ level of performance and modify methodologies for effective teaching and student learning outcomes.

Academic Orientation

The school maintains an ambience that inculcates positive thinking and encourages academic fulfillment through creativity and skill-intensive programs.

Human Touch

Every child is trained to respect and value the uniqueness and worth of individuals and foster the spirit of fraternity and equality.