Boarding Info

Close to you

A space of your own, with posters of your favorite sportsperson or music group, your favorite items arranged over the shelf and greeting cards pinned to the board in front of your study table: residential students try their best to bring a bit of home when they join the hostel at LA.

The small knickknacks are all that they need to bring along too as everything else is taken care of by the LA team. Our fun-loving teachers never hesitate to strike up a conversation or sit down with you for a game of chess. They’re there for you when you need some help too: for your classes or even when you need someone more mature to get some feedback from.

The independence of hostel life is something you take with you for life. Another important aspect are the friends you make, some of whom you will cherish for life. As far the facilities go, from cafeteria and auditorium to a gymnasium and sports complex, there’s plenty to do and plenty to get done, making it one experience that remain close to you for life.

Our hostels are separated by gender and according to each class. We have a pair of hostel wardens for each class where hostel students up to grade VIII are taught in a separate building by a team of teacher-wardens. Boarder students get ample opportunities for ECA, CCA before and after school guided classes.


Please download the boarders' article list here.