SLC Results at a glance


Factors for Academic Success

At LAS, we recognize that academic success depends on a numbers of factors. These include:

• The availability of a well balanced and updated curriculum.
• The presence of dedicated teachers.
• The collection of sufficient resource materials and teaching aids.
• The creation of an infrastructure conducive to the teaching-learning process.
• The planning and implementation of programmes which motivate the students to learn.

We unceasingly endeavour to take care of all these factors and ensure a very high degree of academic excellence. Our enviable SLC record is just one indicator of our academic achievement. Some of our noteworthy features pertaining to academics are listed below:



The Curriculum for different levels namely pre-primary, primary, lower secondary and secondary are different, but integrated to form a continuum. It is revised and updated regularly by concerning subject teachers and department heads in consultation with subject experts.

Our Curriculum ensures that our students are well prepared for the district level examination as well as the national level School Leaving Certificate Examination (Class X) conducted by the Ministry of Education, Govt. of Nepal. However, we do not limit ourselves to the Government Curriculum alone but we also add additional items so that our children acquire other necessary skills required for higher education.



The prevalent examination system followed by most of the schools lays undue emphasis on terminal or yearly examinations. This makes the child lose interest in day to day classroom activites and in becoming exam oriented.

At LAS, we have a cumulative evaluation system, which values all work and activities of the students throughout the year and provides due weightage to it. This enables the teachers to monitor a child's performance throughout an academic session and carry out necessary correction during the year itself. The students are also motivated to take interest in all day to day activities of the class rather than wait for examination to begin studies.


Teaching Faculty

Little Angels' School has an outstanding faculty that continues to impress. The academic experience, dedication and expertise of the faculty members are our major strengths. Our teachers are the cream of the teaching community and most have grown with us, enriching themselves and the institution. Constant training programs, both in-house and by national and international experts, keep our teachers abreast in the latest teaching methodologies. All faculty members have a deep commitment to innovate and to provide the extra motivation to the students to enthuse them.

A sense of belonging to LAS runs deep through the entire teaching community and this has helped create a highly academic yet family-like environment in the school. The love and affection shown by the students to the teachers speak volumes of the teacher-student bond at LAS.


Resource Materials & Teaching Aids

We have a large pool of resource materials collected over the years from national and international sources and are made available to our teaching faculty. The use of these has been very helpful in raising the academic standard throught the school. These materials and teaching aids have provided a strong supplementary support to the teachers.

LAS is also proud of having in use most of the modern teaching aids available anywhere in the country. These include over-head projectors, players, computer aided teaching facilities etc. The teachers are given constant training on the use of these teaching aids and encouraged to use them.

We have established a dedicated resource centre to ensure availability and access to the most updated teaching materials suitable for every faculty at LAS.


Guidance & Counseling

Large institutions at times start functioning like factories, churning out graduates and throwing away the non-graduates. Education becomes limited to finishing courses, conducting examinations and providing results.

However, during our entire period of growth, we at LAS have endeavoured to keep ourselves away from those errors. We are proud of having an active guidance and counseling section with a trained counselor. This section is constantly getting feedback from teachers, students and parents and provides counseling and guidance to those in need.

Thus essential study guidance, as well as assistance in emotional and learning problems, are provided to the students. The guidance and counseling section boasts of numerous successes and the maintenance of a highly disciplined environment in a school with over 4000 children.
Guidance for higher studies, both within and outside the country, is also offered to our students.


Planning and Implementation

One of our strengths at LAS is that we have an active planning and Implementation team. The core-team works throughout the year making micro level planning for all curricular and co-curricular events taking place at LAS. Credit for the success for all of our endeavour goes largely to this core group of planners. Their constant logistic support and unceasing effort paves the way for the school and its planned development.