LAS History

History in the making

The history of Little Angels started with a dream and some inspired ideas – the dream was to establish a place of learning and the idea was for it to produce the manpower that would drive the country forward into the 21st century. So in 1981, in a small rented building in Jawalakhel, LA opened its doors to children, promising them an opportunity for not just academic but overall growth and development.

From those 65 students that year to the thousands that have completed their schooling from our institution today, each of our students have demonstrated what it means to study at LA by being not just exemplary students but also leading professionals in various fields. The vision of providing the country with the necessary manpower had been fulfilled. The success of the school and the growing needs of our students allowed us to gain the confidence to move to a larger space, where students could reach their true potentials in academics and extra curricular activities.

Finally in 1995, when LA moved to Hattiban’s expansive premises, it became the largest privately owned educational institution. The space came with the luxury of providing the students with what they required to really be capable of competing with the world – modern classrooms, state of the art audio visual equipment to learn from, amphitheaters and recreation centers – and the results showed.

LA’s experienced faculty are more than just teachers, they are educators who truly believe in the value of what they are doing and take on the Herculean task of educating the youth of the country gracefully. Every passing year, we reach new heights and achieve better results.